All siding is contoured, but the backing behind the siding is usually flat. The result is hollow spaces between the siding and the backing. These unsupported spaces make the siding vulnerable to dents and cracks when struck by airborne objects such as hail or errant rocks, balls or toys.


Only ThermoWall provides the needed support with a custom shaped foam cradle that conforms to the contour of the siding. The result is an exterior wall system that looks like freshly painted wood and gives maintenance free performance.

ThermoWall is Computer Cut to fit YOUR choice in Siding

By eliminating the gaps between siding and backing, ThermoWall increases impact resistance of vinyl siding by 300% while reducing unwanted airflow.

The insulating capability of your exterior walls is maximized. Tests show that ThermoWall offers three times the insulating ability of other foam backing. Heating and electric bills can be significantly reduced. In addition, the sound deadening quality of exterior walls is greatly improved.

Maintenance Free Looks. Lifetime Performance.

ThermoWall is computer designed to accommodate the seasonal expansion and contraction of vinyl siding. This feature combined with added support from ThermoWall inhibits the sags and gaps that other siding systems develop with age.

Made from EPS foam insulation and treated with a fire retarding agent, ThermoWall is environmentally safe and contains no CFCs or formaldehyde. Make the solid choice. Protect your home from Mother Nature, specify ThermoWall.

Pounding on ThermoWall

Jumping on ThermoWall

Driving Over ThermoWall